Changing the World is Our Business


We Believe in the Power of Social Entrepreneurs 

At YesKidzCan!, we are social entrepreneurs.  To us, this means dedicating our business to bettering the world. While almost all of our community service tools are free, we earn our revenue by selling giving-back themed gear like t-shirts, mugs, binders, and more and by partnering with socially responsible companies that are interested in supporting all that kids can do!  What distinguishes us from a typical company is what we do with the revenue we earn . . .

We Donate 100% of Net Profits

Every year, we take 100% of our net profit and make financial awards to kids across the country who apply for our Social KidPreneurz Awards Program.  The program invites kids in elementary and middle schools to create a simple business venture by selling a product or service and donating the money they earn to a cause of their choice. Not only are kids a powerful force in giving back, they are also a source of positive thinking and creativity and have the ability to recognize a problem in the world and develop an idea to help fix it.  By supporting kids' entrepreneurism for good, YesKidzCan! is contributing to a movement of building generations of community-minded leaders.

Our First Donation in 2010

When we launched YesKidzCan! in 2010, we knew we wanted to be a different kind of company.  We wanted to inspire kids to make a difference, and we wanted to generate enough revenue to support a worthy cause.  By year's end, we were very proud to present a grant of $5,000 to Birthday Wishes thanks to a collaboration with Music & Arts, the nation's largest school music retailer.  This grant made it possible for 700+ children in homeless shelters to experience the joy of birthday parties.  And, this grant inspired us to dedicate all future funds to kids who want to "wow" the world with their social entrepreneurial skills.



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