The Hajj Journey

Our Tabung Haji Travel’s Hajj Team KT85 still left Kompleks Haji Kelana Jaya, inside the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in ten buses in regards to the night time of 29 Oct 2011, with Police escort, heading for Kuala Lumpur Intercontinental Airport (KLIA). As our site was Makkah, all male hajj pilgrims ended up already sporting their ihram attire. The aircraft took off at about 3:15 a.m. and we landed in Jeddah about seven hrs later. We then traveled to Makkah by bus and finally reached our Dar Al-Eiman Royal Resort positioned in Al-Safwa Towers just in advance of five:00 p.m. For Muslims, undertaking the hajj may be the fifth as well as incredibly previous pillar of Islam.

We carried out the umrah on that very same night, led by mutawif or spiritual guides. A lot of obligatory rituals really need to be performed. To start with of all, we now have to utter our intention inside our coronary heart to conduct the umrah; this we experienced completed earlier though in the airplane, while it had been traveling bigger than Qarnul Manazil, Saudi Arabia, about 2 hrs correct right before the landing.

Another ritual was to carry out the tawaf umrah. We entered the Masjidil Haram, the holy mosque, through King Abdul Aziz Gate or Gate No 1. On searching at the Kaabah, I stated to myself: “Thank you Allah for enabling for me getting your guest”. Before endeavor the tawaf, the hajj pilgrims have to recite the intention just beforehand of Hajar al-Aswad or the Black Stone for the wall of Kaabah. We then walked all-around the Kaabah in anti-clockwise route 7 situations, passing by Makam Ibrahim and Hijir Ismail.

Executing the sa’ie umrah at Safar and Marwah was the third ritual. At Safar, with our deal with dealing with Kaabah, we recited our intention to complete the sa’ie umrah and commenced to wander in way of Marwah, about 420 metres absent, and back all over again. We did this 7 occasions for a consequence we should always normally conclusion at Marwah. At Marwah, we finished our fourth at the same time as really final ritual of umrah by lowering our hair (identified as tahallul); reciting our intention to element from donning the ihram. Males were essential to reduce a minimum of 3 strands within their hair, about two.5 cm in size, even though it can be destined to be lengthier for females. It might be vital that every one the rituals really need to be carried out in sequence.

For many times which were remaining in advance of we finished the hajj ideal, we donning typical approach. We expended some time upgrading our spiritual functions, significantly so endeavor the prayers, 5 moments for each working day, hunting on the al-Quran and likewise reciting the many doa in the Masjidil Haram. It absolutely was made regarded that a prayer completed at this mosque is really a hundred,000 durations a great deal much better than anywhere else. We took each and every likelihood to eat the zam zam h2o quickly right after every prayer.

On 5 November (9 Zulhijjah), clad in ihram attire all over again, our workforce remaining for Arafah. Time was about 12:fifty a.m. We uttered our intention to complete the hajj even though in the bus and similarly recited talbiah in the course of the journey. We have now to become existing physically, or referred to as wukuf, at Arafah as this is certainly really the to get started on with ritual action for hajj. Our Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, seasoned right after reported: “Hajj is Arafah”. Regarding timing, every of the hajj pilgrims really should be at Arafah, even on your 2nd, from zohor (afternoon) of nine Zulhijjah until subuh (dawn) of 10 Zulhijjah. At about 12:05 p.m., we started out our wukuf that has a sermon, adopted by zohor congregation prayer.

At Arafah, my spouse Dr Rokiah and myself raised our palms superior and prayed to Allah into the well- presently becoming and betterment of ourselves and our daughters, Dr. Sarah and Syazana; relations associates and buddies. It had been in the course of this time that tears jogging down from our eyes. At Arafah, our minds were not looking at of anything else but just asking for the forgiveness from Allah. Before long right after isyak (evening) prayer, we remaining for Muzdalifah. Proper listed here, we collected enough stones for melontar or ‘stoning-the-devil’ ritual motion at Jamarah in Mina.

We attained Mina at about 4:00 a.m. on ten Zulhijjah (six November 2011). Pilgrims ended up currently being important to be in Mina from ten to thirteen Zulhijjah by advantage of melontar functions.

As we geared up to return to Makkah for that night, we performed the molantar throughout the ten Zulhijjah at Significant Jamarah (Jamrah Aqaba) at about eleven:fifty p.m., adopted by slicing our hairs. Over again, by lowering our hairs, we will then part with our ihram apparel. We then walked to Makkah with four other close friends and reached our hotel a couple of individual hour and ten minutes afterwards.

The next performing day, my spouse and myself went all over again to Mina as pillion travellers for just a hundred Saudi Riyal nearly every. We stopped at Jamarah and performed the melontar at Lesser Jamarah, Middle Jamarah and big Jamarah. The rituals were being currently being recurring to the impending two days. We continue to still left Mina for Makkah by bus in the afternoon of thirteen Zulhijjah. To accomplish the hajj rituals, we nonetheless should full the tawaf haji and sa’ie haji. I did this with my wife or husband on 12 November 2011, adhering to Isyak prayer.

Next doing tawaf wada’, we still left for Madinah on a person December, achieving our lodge at about 10:00 p.m. Even though in Madinah, we prayed along with the Masjid Nabawi which was one,000 occasions excellent than anyplace else. We also prayed with the Raudhah along with passing by and performing the doa before the superb tombs of Prophet Muhammad, Saiyidina Abu Bakar and Saiyidina Omar.

I did also specific my friends’ greetings in your Prophet. For your personal approaching a number of days, the organizer launched us to go to the encircling sites this kind of as Masjid Quba, Masjid Kiblatain, Bukit Uhud, Khandak and working day farm.

All by our free time, normally ideal just before afternoon prayer, my spouse and i did a little bit getting for dates too as other goods at Taiba Difficult also as being the encompassing parts.

On ten December 2011, we performed the wada’ ritual at Masjid Nabawi right right before we left for Madinah Airport. The plane took off at about eight:twenty 5 a.m. place time and landed at KLIA at about nine:twenty five p.m. Certainly adequate, the understanding attained when inside a every day lifestyle time when undertaking the hajj was just a few factor which stays from your feelings without end. Thank you Allah for earning it feasible for me and my husband or wife.