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Thank you for your interest in the Social KidPreneurz Awards Program.  You can download your Application here.  We designed this program to help kids in grades 3-8 recognize that they have what it takes to be social entrepreneurs by creating a business-like activity that raises money to help solve social problems.

The Awards Program provides kids with the opportunity to receive $100 seed money to launch their activity and shows that we believe in their ideas and want to invest in their efforts from start to finish. (Currently, awards are available to kids who are U.S. citizens.)

We know you are busy, but kids will need the support of an enthusiastic adult to do this kind of activity.  Even older teens can play a mentoring role.  Your kids will not only value your guidance, they may just inspire you throughout the process.  To give you and your kids more information about social entrepreneurism, we have also created fun and age-appropriate Learning Tools.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Award winners will be notified within 4 weeks of receiving your application.   Learn more details about the Social KidPreneurz Awards Program by downloading an Application.  Together, you and your kids can learn that changing the world is our business.   

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