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"You have helped open my kids' eyes and feel like they are capable of accomplishing any task they set out to do!"   Jenny, Mom of 11-year-old Max

Awards Program for Kids Grades 3-8!

Kids of all ages have the ability to recognize a problem in the world and develop an idea to help fix the problem. Eleven-year-old Max R. from California is a great example.  One of our Social KidPreneurz Award winners, Max loves manatees.  He has been concerned about their becoming endangered, so he and a dedicated group of family and friends decided to create and sell original sea-themed coloring books and hand-made soaps to support Save the Manatees.  Team Max earned $225 -- enough to adopt 9 manatees!  (Read more about Max here!)  Max and his supporters are social entrepreneurs – those who create their own business-like activity, donate the revenue to a cause of their choice, and experience the "wow" of entrepreneurism for good! Kids like Max have the imagination, dedication, and enthusiasm to change our world.

Inspire the Kids in Your Life!

When parents, educators, or community leaders encourage kids to take initiative at young ages, kids are more likely to lead and create positive change throughout their lives.  

Inspire the children in your life to become part of a kid-led movement of changing our world for the better. Start by taking them through these questions:

Ideas for Positive Change

What Interests You?

Help your kids make a list of topics or subjects that energize or interest them. Maybe they love animals, sports, architecture, movies, books, nature, or music. Once they pick a broad category, ask them to get more specific. For example, do they like a specific animal? Or what is it about nature they value? What is their favorite sport and why?

What Needs Changing?

Once your kids have honed in on a specific area, talk with them about how they can help improve this area or what concerns them. For example, do your kids see too much trash in the parks? Are there too many puppies without homes? Do too many kids go hungry? Are there kids that can’t afford athletic equipment?

What Do You Enjoy Doing?

Next, help your kids identify what activities they enjoy the most. Do your kids like to paint, bake, write, read, or play sports? Brainstorm with your kids about how they can do something they love to make a difference. For example, if your child loves to bake, perhaps he or she would enjoy having a bake sale and donating the money to an organization that helps feed the hungry.

Guide your kids through these questions and help unleash in them the power of social entrepreneurism. Your kids’ ideas can be big or small. If the idea gets others to talk about a topic, understand more about an issue, or do something to help - you've succeeded!

We will continue to add more information, resources, and news – so visit this page again!

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