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We have created easy and age-appropriate learning tools that kids of all ages and adults can work on together to learn about social entrepreneurism -- creating a business activity that raises money and other resources to benefit society.  In simple and fun ways, our learning tools reinforce business lessons from goal setting and product planning to marketing and evaluation and include an e-Workbook, a fact sheet, case studies, crossword and word search puzzles, and more.  Our tools are great for the classroom, an after-school activity, or weekend or holiday time.  Visit this page regularly.  We will continue to add more tools.  And, don't forget to check out our Social KidPreneurz Awards Program.  Your child has the opportunity to apply for $100 seed money to launch their own social entrepreneurial activity.   

"How to Create a Social Entrepreneurial Activity:"  An e-Workbook for Kids of All Ages

Social Entrepreneurism for Kids FAQs

Why Should We Teach Young Kids About Social Entrepreneurism?  A YesKidzCan! Article

Learning from Real Examples: Allie's Tigerific Lemonade Stand

Learning from Real Examples:  Evan's Cookie Drive

Learning from Real Examples:  Hives for Lives

"Can I Be a Social Entrepreneur?" Questions to Ask Yourself

Social Entrepreneur Word Search

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