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Below are some ideas for how your kids can turn their imagination, dedication, and energy into enterprises that give back. If any of the ideas listed appeal to your kids, feel free to duplicate them. Or, use the ideas to help you generate others that match your kids' interests, abilities, and aspirations!

Create things to sell and donate the funds:

  • Make cards for holidays or other occasions
  • Braid or bead bracelets
  • Tap into the duct tape "rage" to make wallets, purses, and more
  • Laminate your favorite collectible cards (such as baseball or Pokemon), and turn them into bookmarks
  • Bake homemade treats
  • Make dog biscuits for neighborhood pets
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Knit or sew special items
  • Draw, paint, or sculpt personal masterpieces
  • Make photo frames
  • Decorate keepsake or memory boxes
  • Turn old clothing or hats into new items by decorating or redesigning them
  • Write or illustrate coloring books
  • Package survival kits for school, summer heat, holiday bustle, or other ideas
  • Compile a catalogue of your gently used video games or toys for resale


Provide a special service or organize an event to earn money to donate: 

  • Host a car wash
  • Set up an animal caretaking service (walking, washing, feeding, brushing, etc.)
  • Offer a lawn care service such as fall leaf raking, summer weeding, watering, or planting, etc.
  • Hold a garage sale for your family or with neighbors
  • Sell tickets to a neighborhood concert starring talent from the community
  • Create a delivery service for special messages or cards for friends  

While these entrepreneurial ideas can raise funds to donate to a special cause, remember that the amount of money generated is not necessarily the most important outcome.  In fact, modest amounts of money can do great things such as buy needed supplies for schools, plant a tree to help save the rainforests, or provide baby chicks to a family in a developing country so they can sell the eggs.  And even more important, your kids' efforts will go a long way to teach them how their actions can make changes in our world -- one social entrepreneurial venture at a time!

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