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We are excited you're checking out our free Community Service Project Kits.  They are a great way to get kids involved in charitable giving in fun and meaningful ways.  And, we've done all the work for you!  Each kit contains:

  • simple community service project instructions from A to Z;
  • event invitations, a timeline, shopping lists, and a budget;
  • suggested donation recipients with details for shipping, drop-off, or delivery;
  • "You Did Good" certificates of achievement and donation gift tags;
  • creative twists; and much more!

Just click the kit you want, save, and print!

Consider using a kit for a family community service activity, a school or faith group community service idea, or a scout project.

Just scroll down below to find the kit you want, click on it, save it, and print it for free!

Community Service Project Kits



A Walk in My Shoes:  Here's one of those community service ideas that helps clean out closets while giving to charity.  Kids donate outgrown and lightly lused shoes tha thave thoughtful surprises inside and out!  Special message shoe inserts provided in kit!  




Art That Heals:  Combining art activities for children and a kids' community service project, this kit involves kids creating paintings on canvases to brighten the hallways of a hospital, retirement home, or other facility.  Artwork templates provided in kit!  





Book Exchange:  This fun community service activity involves kids bringing used books to donate with their own bookmark or book plate creations and playing a book exchange game where each child ends up with one book to keep.  Book plate templates craft activity included in kit.  





Doggies Delectables: Kids bake and creatively package homemade dog biscuits for donation to a local dog shelter. Recipe included!  






Good Sportsmanship:  This kit emphasizes good sportsmanship by having kids play a field sport or game, and as their "entry ticket," bring gently used athletic goods that will be donated to help underprivileged kids play sports.  





Slumber Party to Support Foster Kids: This kits shows how to turn a slumber party into an easy and fun way to support foster kids by bringing items that foster kids would appreciate.




The Giving Jar:  This unique arts and crafts activity has kids decorating and filling jars with special contents to give away.  The jars can hold several unique options including: a portion of allowance to give to a cause; kind acts to fulfill each week or month; and inspirational messages to pass on with the entire jar as a thoughtful gift.




Lifting Soldiers' Spirits:  This special arts and crafts activity has kids decorating pillowcases for wounded soldiers to lift their spirits during their recovery. The kit includes iron-on decal artwork! 




Great Coin Race:  Kids hold a "Great Coin Race" which involves raising money for Kids Connect projects worldwide by collecting spare change.  Kids map out a route from their hometown to the capital city of a country that is supported by Kids Connect, and ask people to donate spare change for each mile.  (Kids Connect is a youth-led movement that supports arts, sports, education, and environmental projects in 10 countries.)





Fun Resources to Support Your Service Projects

KidzClub How-to Guide


KidzClub How-to Guide: A resource that provides direction for people who want to bring elementary to middle school kids together in a regular club format to work on service projects and build camaraderie at the same time. Great for teens, too, who want to form a service club with their friends or supervise a group of younger kids.




YesKidzCan! You Did Good Certificate

“You Did Good” Certificate
A certificate of achievement you can download, print, and customize to applaud your kids’ accomplishments. Our Act of Kindness Kits include a Certificate.

"Give Tag:" Our version oYesKidzCan! Give Tagf a gift tag to show who made the donation. Use it for any item you are donating! 



Visit Service Tools regularly. More cool stuff is coming soon! And if you have other ideas or requests, Contact Us! We would enjoy hearing your creative thinking!









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