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Interested in helping kids in your life win $100 by using entrepreneurism for good?  Then our Social KidPreneurz Awards Program is what you are looking for!  The Awards Program provides kids in grades 3-8 with the chance to receive $100 seed money to create a business-like activity by selling a product or service and donating the funds earned to a cause of their choice. Activites can be simple or super imaginative:  selling lemonade,washing cars, making bracelets, pet walking, or designing coloring books! (Currently, awards are available to kids who are U.S. citizens.)


To learn more and download our Awards Application, simply enter your email address in the box provided just below, and click on the link to download what you need.

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 You will also be able to tap into other great tools including:

  • Creative Ideas: product or service ideas your kids can use to create enterprises that give back.
  • Learning Tools: easy and age-appropriate tools that kids and adults can work on together to learn about social entrepreneurism.
  • Resources: our favorite spots for information on social enterpreneursim.

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